No matter what you'll never hear ugh.

Only thing open is Waffle House girl we through.

Get down girl please believe me.

Yg' Teairra Mari Petey watch me.

Kids sing kids but the blues.

That's your best bet why's that the charmses.

I ordered you jerk you dirty motherfucker.

But why I came over.

What is this?

'Serenade' is a feature we wrote in our spare time that shows off the powers of kanyeREST API.
It queries all lyric data within kanyeREST and applies machine learning to form random strings of lyrics.
We then try to rhyme them in an innovative aabb pattern to create on-of-a-kind songs to let Kanye serenade you to sleep.

All lyrics owned by Kanye West
Code licensed under Don't be a dick licence.
OpenSource code available on GitHub.
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