Kanye REST was written for StudentHack 4 in Manchester between March 4th and March 6th 2016. It is intended as a fun project and does not attempt to provide any form of merit to the creators.


Kanye REST was written completely in Python, using Beautiful Soup for scraping and Flask for content delivery. We use Machine Learning to analyze and structure our data for projects such as the Kanye Rest twitter bot.

What can I do with it?

You can query our API endpoints for all kinds of Kanye data and do with it whatever you want. Remember, all data is owned by the one and only Kanye West, aka Yeezy, aka Yeezus, aka The Luis Vuitton Don. For examples of what we came up with, check out our twitter bot and all the code on our GitHub repo.


Kanye REST was created by Thomas Lutzeyer and Deirdre Bringas. We are currently students of Computer Science at the University of Edinburgh.

All lyrics owned by Kanye West
Code licensed under Don't be a dick licence.
OpenSource code available on GitHub.
© 2016 - kanyerest.xyz